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As Pakistan is a Muslim country, all food here is HALAL! Following are the restaurants where you can tuck in! Bon Appetite!
Franchise restaurants (Karachi, Multan* and Lahore) Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dunkin doughnuts, Subway
(others) Pizza Next, AFC, Usmania

'Desi' Pakistani Food available at (throughout Pakistan)
Bundoo khan, other local food centres!
Silver Spoon Snacks (Karachi)

Chinese food is a delicacy in Pakistan. All Pakistani cities have different Chinese restaurants and unfortunately there is no franchise.

Food is served in shopping malls food courts as well

*All franchises may not exist in Multan. Dunkin doughnuts exist throughout Pakistan. Thankyou.

The Lahore Food street

Lahore, as I said before in the 'Hotels' page is a colourful city. If any tourist wishes to taste good Pakistani food, the Lahore Food street is the ultmate choice! Here local foodselles sell different Pakistani foods on their dhabas or stalls. Below I have given a list of foods that you must taste in Pakistan, which can easily be found at the Lahore Food street. To access the street simply tell your taxi driver to take you to the food street and he can make no mistake.
Foods you must taste in Pakistan: Chicken Tikka, Biryani (Plain, Vegetable, Chicken, Mutton or Beef), Karahi (chicken or mutton), Handi (chicken or mutton), Chicken Tikka Pizza (not available in Food Street), Malai Boti, Kebabs (Bihari, Seeekh, Reshmi, etc.), Lahori Chargha, Mutton Kunna, Samosa (potato, chicken, beef), Kofta (or meatball), Nehari (Chicken, Mutton, Lamb and beef)

Mall Road Murree

Mall Road in Murree is another famous spot for eating in Pakistan! To access the Mall Road you can ask your taxi driver to drop you there.

Karachi Restaurants

Karachiites just love to eat out. There are many restaurants in Karachi, where you can tuck in. Just look at the many options!
Malls: Dolmen mall (tariq road), Park Towers (clifton), Millenium Mall (gulistan-e-jouhar), The Forum (clifton)
Snacks and fast food: Mr. Burger
Chineese Food: Tung Naan (tariq road), Imperial Court (tariq road), China Town {with famous squirrel-like fish} (clifton), Peking (tariq road)
Pakistani cuisine: Bundoo Khan (sindhi muslim, gulshan-e-iqbal and clifton), BBQ tonite (clifton), Lasania (gulistan-e-jouhar), Usmania (clifton and gulshan-e-iqbal) local food sellers
Buffet: Clifton Grill (clifton), copper kettle (gulshan-e-iqbal and clifton), Lalqila (Sharah-e-Faisal), Rangoli Arena (gulshan-e-iqbal)
South Indian food: Ponderosa

Multani Chinese

If you go to Multan, you must taste the chinese food at SHANGRILA restaurant. It is themost famous restaurant in town so it is easily accesible

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